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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:59 pm

Hello and welcome to Infinite Union guild rules.

Following Star Legends Terms of Service is a must.

Respect your fellow guildies, everyone is here for the same thing….to have fun and enjoy playing a game that has brought us all together.

No spamming in guild chat with selling, begging, bickering or negative comments. Don’t be surprised if you get the boot for these acts.

If we have accepted you into IU respect that. We don’t just let anyone in; we have seen something in you that sparked our interest! We pride ourselves in being the best of the best and having fun while doing it.

If you do have an issue please see an officer to help you find the best solution.

Most important treat others how you would like to be treated!! We love our family and the fact that we saw something in you means you are now a part of our family!! Love IU and IU will love you!!
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Guild Rules
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